We are a non-profit organization empowering cancer survivors to increase hope and quality of life through health and wholeness programs, services and support.

Founded in 2018, we are a group of cancer survivors, caregivers, and family of survivors, who through their own experiences recognized a great need to empower survivors to physically and emotionally heal and rebuild after cancer and to learn strategies that would increase the quality of their lives.

Empowered Survival means to gain KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS to:

  • Create a cancer resistant body
  • Live a beautiful and vibrant life

HOW DO WE DO THIS? We help you:

  • Strengthen and fortify your body
  • Ignite the power of your brain
  • Nurture your soul
  • Learn and grow from your experiences

Our flagship service is our EMPOWERED SURVIVAL RETREATS. These are three-day, two night all-inclusive retreats held in a serene mountain setting.

Through instructional and interactive session survivors are taught interventions that:

  • Decrease risk of recurrence
  • Increase healing and quality of life
  • Influence the body’s natural ability to maintain and restore balance and health
  • Sustain and nurture the spirit
  • Increase a positive outlook

Other services include online courses, free resources, an online community of support and small group and individual mentoring.