Cancers Emotional Impact

Some people may get cancer, have treatment and don’t have any side effects. Cancer becomes a temporary interruption for them. For others, it changes the trajectory of their lives. The physical and emotional side effects can change the quality of life for many people. 

For many this can be a very lonely place. It’s quite common for cancer survivors to suffer in silence. Once treatment is over, the hair grows back or they’ve been told they are in remission many friends and family members think all is well. They look good …so everything must be fine, right? Often survivors are afraid to let people know they are struggling because family and friends have already been through so much with the diagnosis and treatment.

The American Cancer Society reports that one in four survivors experience decreased quality of life due to physical problems brought on by treatment and one in ten experience emotional issues such as PTSD, depression and anxiety.

 There is a huge gap after diagnosis and treatment where survivors that face any emotional or physical side effects get lost in the cracks.

This is the group of people EMPOWERED SURVIVAL reaches out to. 

The population not being served adequately… Living as a Survivor.