What are Empowerment Stones?

Words, phrases and designs that are hand-painted on stones that communicate hope, strength, courage and empowerment to cancer patients and survivors.

Why stones?
Using rocks/stones as our canvas for our messages of hope are symbolic of the transformation that often takes place in the life of a cancer survivor. Similar to how beautiful rocks are formed when existing rocks are subjected to large pressures and temperatures, cancer survivors are also subjected to great pressures and forces that transform them.

A gift of love, hope and encouragement.
A cancer patient selecting an Empowerment Stone that resonates with her.

Empowerment Stones making a difference.

Empowerment Stone Parties

Empowerment Stone Parties

You can send hope and encouragement to cancer patients by hosting your own Empowerment Stone Party! All stones will be packaged and delivered to patients receiving treatment in local cancers centers.

The party host provides:

  • Location for the party
  • Invite the party guests
  • Light refreshment
  • Tables and chairs
  • Table covers
  • Water pitchers
  • Paper towels
  • Hair dryer

Empowered Survival provides:

  • Paint and brushes
  • Markers, pens, dotting tools
  • Stones
  • Examples
  • Clear spray
  • Packaging, ribbon and insert