Daughter & Sister of Cancer Survivors, Retreat Attendee, Stephanie, Utah.

It was so amazing to be the support person for my sister and my mother. I learned more about them and the ways I could better support them through their cancer journey. I also learned a lot about myself and how to live a more empowered life – whether I ever personally have to face going through cancer or just the other challenges of life.

Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee, Deserae Cumpton

The Empowered Survival Retreat was an amazing experience. I was able to met other cancer survivors that I connected with. I learned a ton of useful information that I can implement in my life. The staff was amazing and even worked around my food allergies. Highly recommended!

Spouse of Cancer Survivor, Matt N., Orem, Utah

The Empowered Survival Retreat was such a tremendous experience for us as a couple. It gave us so many tools to help us navigate through the ups and downs of our cancer journey. It was especially helpful in helping us as a couple identify thoughts and emotions that we still need to work through and focus on together. Camille, Traci and the crew were excellent and gave so much care to the whole experience. It was a great weekend in so many ways.

Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee

Thank you so much for all of the time, effort and love put into this retreat. I loved all the surprises. I felt so pampered. Everyone was accommodating and took genuine interest in offering their services and knowledge. The food was so health conscious and lovingly prepared. Delicious! The workbook was very helpful…I loved it.

Female Retreat Attendee, Utah.

The staff was knowledgeable, helpful, had a contagious excitement, loving, caring and ALL TOGETHER SPECTACULAR! Loved all the delicious and healthy food. Loved the chefs! Loved the information, loved the schedule! Thank you sooooooooooo much! It was beyond my expectation. I have been filled with so much. My cup runneth over.

Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee, dmw, SLC, Ut

I have learned so much! The information presented was so powerful and has inspired me to make changes and helped me see the potential of my body and brain to heal! Thank you so much! It was a sweet time of sharing intimately with other women who understand my journey. The food was also so refreshing, nutritious and delicious. Awesome experience!

Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee, Jessica Nix, Orem, Utah

This Empowered Survival Couples Retreat was such a blessing. As an individual and as a couple needs were met, lessons learned, insights gained and warmth and compassion were felt in abundance. I am so very grateful for this weekend of healing and what the future holds for me and my family.

Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee, Jenni R.

The retreat was a wonderful experience. So much love, passion, knowledge and service given by Camille and her staff. This experience was so helpful in my continued physical and mental and emotional recovery from cancer. I feel so blessed to have been a participant.

Support Partner, Retreat Attendee, Lorene

I attended as a support partner for my dear friend who had breast cancer last year. The camaraderie, information, and meaningful activities were as beneficial to me as they were to the “survivors”. I came away with a higher regard for the community of survivors as well as a ton of personal helps. I especially loved the movement and art activities but totally valued the learning module information. Thank you for this fabulous experience!

Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee

Amazing! I loved the practical applications of all the things we learned and did. The staff was so great. Thank you! Thank you for your vision and desire to bless and strengthen others!

2x Cancer Survivor, Retreat Attendee, Vivianne, SLC, Utah

My granddaughters and I had this AmAzInG opportunity to attend a Retreat for Cancer Survival! Life before, during, and after cancer. My granddaughters were there as my support team. They were AmAzInG! Thank you both! Every lady had a friend or family member there for the same cause. I’ve grown close to each and everyone one of them in just two full days. So much intimacy! I will stay connected with these courageous strong women.

My hat is off to this non profit Organization founded and headed up by Camille Bullock and Cambria Elkins. Not to forget the kitchen staff,  Pam and Lisa, who worked tirelessly all day long preparing delicious, healthy meals and snacks between each meal, and for the parties! We had a full days schedule each day with learned lessons and activities. I don’t know how they pulled it off, everything was so well thought out, and over the top AMAZING.

They had lined up these AMAZING women to come to the lodge to instruct for us, dance arts, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, and a yoga instructor. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. All of these compassionate women drove up to the lodge in a snow storm and volunteered their time to us.

Besides these activities, we learned soooo much, about the following. Lessons on loving your body and loving yourself:

  • Strengthen and fortify
  • Nurture your soul
  • How to ignite the power of the brain. AmAzInG!
  • Learn and grow from your experience
  • Lessons of truth

We also learned about hydration, mediation, sleep, healthy diet, exercise, the importance of music, song, dance, environmental toxins and inflammation. That was an interesting subject.

We did a writing assignment before bed the first night. We were instructed to write a letter to something that was a huge deterrent in our lives. I and some others wrote to cancer. Dear cancer, and you can imagine the rest… Then after writing to cancer, cancer was to write back to me. So surprising what came back to me. Cancer was able to show me all of the good that came from it. All of the blessings. Who would of thought?

I thought I knew about all of these things. And I am certain that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It was a huge eye opener for me. I’m so grateful that my granddaughters could learn this at an early age. These things should be taught in elementary school, on up.

Also, we built own declarations for self love and strength. This was super emotional for me. It actually surprised me. These activities brought out in me what lies beneath. Hidden deep in my soul.

I have to say that this was the best retreat, life skills learning program, on self love, how to take care of your body, how to love your body that you have, nurture your soul, and with that I know, you can LOVE 💘 others holistically and have compassion for all! Love and compassion for ourselves as well as others.